Jamie Horwitz 2 months ago

I can’t find a foundation that is my shade and undertone! Any suggestions please! I’ve tried adding a photo but it won’t work. I’ll keep trying

My skin is light/medium and has yellowish and olive undertones. The best fit for me was Warm Beige by Exuviance but they don’t make it anymore. I have used Bobby Brown concealer in their version of Warm Beige as well. I did on online chat with someone at MAC who suggested NC25. That has pink/rosy undertones which I don’t have. I tried 27S from Tarte (also based on their advice) and it’s way to yellow. I know my skin shade plus my undertone is difficult to find, but it’s got to be out there! I usually have to mix 2 together. Has anyone experienced the pigment changing products from MUFA?

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