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I have been a hairstylist for over 16 years, and my passion and knowledge is ever growing! I say no to nothing when it comes to services and experience, and see everything as an opportunity for growth. I am a freelance stylist, with a private hair salon that offers services for both men and women. I believe that what makes my business unique is that I provide one on one services that help to create a customized experience. I am proud to offer, accessible beauty. Ask Me How!
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Commented: Can you get bang extensions?

What if instead of bang extensions, you had a clip in that was cut specifically for you? ask your stylist if they would be comfortable creating such a kick ass, temporary rock n roll...

a month ago in advice
Commented: How do I get rid of split ends

To truly get rid of your split ends, simply request for a minimal trim; communication straight and to the point with your stylist is key. Good luck, and here's to your healthy hair!

a month ago in advice